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Monte Rose

 I think I was born loving music.

 I would drift off to sleep each night as a kid listening to KEWI, a radio station in Topeka, Kansas. The sounds of the great ones like Aretha Franklin, Paul  McCartney, Simon, and Garfunkel would fill his room and serenade me to sleep. 

 My family moved to Little Rock, Arkansas in the early 70's because I failed the 7th grade and the family embarrassment of this propelled us south. My parents thought that by attending a new school my confidence would blossom in the classroom and he would become a better student. They were wrong.


 But fortunes for me changed. After achieving one of the highest honors imaginable, being placed on the dean's list at Capital City Junior College in Little   Rock, Arkansas, (yes, THE Capital City Junior College), I moved to Dallas in the early ’80s and with a borrowed (stollen, sorry Randy) guitar from a friend began to teach myself to play and sing. I started playing in public in local churches and years later started an acoustic duo with my friend Chip Davis called Davis & Rose,  and we continue to play all over the north Texas area. 

I have songs recorded on Spotify and other music platforms, I'd love for you to check them out!

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Tel: 214-934-4952

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